Stumbling on the Web

StumbleUpon is great! I absolutely love it!

StumbleUpon will attempt to find me a website that I may like based on my interests – and it does a pretty good job too! Here are some of the stuff I’ve come across:

I’ve also come across some stuff I would not have searched for but found very interesting nevertheless, such as writing an email to your future self and 70 Things Every Computer Geek Should Know (not that I am one or at least think of myself as one).

With StumbleUpon you literally do stumble upon some really good stuff on the net, such as AppInventor for Android which i hadnt heard of before and am itching to try it out. I like the way it surprises me with good content, which makes a nice change from sifting through search results. It’s not a replacement to Google, however, as it’s no good if I’m after something specific.

The above are only a few sites from a list of 70+ I’ve marked as favourites in StumbleUpon and will be bookmarking a few in Delicious for future reference.

Seven habits for writing secure PHP applications


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