Windows Sidebar Gadget – Daily Prayer Times

I have been working on developing a Windows Sidebar Gadget to display the 5 daily prayer times for Muslims. Well, it’s for myself really, it would be handy to have it sit on the sidebar – a simple gadget to give me the day’s prayer times at a glance.

Although I’ve done what I originally started out to do, I keep finding ways to improve it just a bit more which is why it’s not complete just yet.

Once I’m happy with the final product I will post a video of the gadget in action. Meanwhile here’s a sneak peak while I work on it a bit more.

A sneak peak into the prayer timetable


Another reason (actually the main reason) why it’s taking longer than it should to develop is because my head is full of stuff I want to do, both in Web/Multimedia development and IT Support and I get side tracked looking up and researching on these . I will be organising these thoughts and ideas into a ‘To do’ list of sorts which will be coming up in my next post.


5 thoughts on “Windows Sidebar Gadget – Daily Prayer Times

  1. hey there..i really appreciat it..i would time to download this gadget for my comp desktop..thanks..

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