To Do List – Part 1 (Web/Multimedia Development)

As promised in one of my previous posts here’s a to-do list I’m thinking about getting done. I simply have too many things on my mind hence I’ve split the list into two parts – one’s related to Web and multimedia development and the other more on the technical/IT support side which will be coming up in a separate post.

1. Hangman game

This one’s for my nieces and nephew – the idea is to make it a little different from the conventional game. Here’s how it’ll work:

  • each play will have a username/account
  • each player comes up with a list of words registered under their username
  • they each can choose to play with the other’s words

For example, if player 1 has a list of 10 words, player 2 can choose to play with player 1’s list of words. The hangman game will then randomly pick a word from player 1’s list of words. If player 2 works out the word he gains points but player 1 loses points (because player 2 managed to work out the word from player 1’s list).

I want to make this in Flash and will most likely be the next thing I work on.

2. Web CV

This will be more than just a static version of my CV in MS Word. Some of the things I plan to include are:

  • links to software screenshots I use at work
  • guides I’ve worked on at work or home
  • IT projects I’ve undertaken at home
  • expand on memorable courses from uni
  • expand on my interests, etc.

The idea is to overcome the limitations of a printed CV and give a more detailed insight into my work.

3. Personal website

I have heard a lot about Joomla and am keen to build my own website and blog. The website will combine the blog and Web CV under one roof. The idea here is to showcase my work in Web Development and IT Support.

4. Update undergraduate project

My undergraduate project was based on publishing relational data as XML. I developed a Web-based Exam Authoring System, which lectures use to create exam papers. They add questions and answers/marking scheme and for each question and print off a fully formatted exam paper.

The exam questions and marking scheme are initially stored in a relational database which is published as XML documents. XSLT is used to format the XML documents ready for printing.

This was 5 years ago –I would like to update it and get it up and running once again. The Web CV I mentioned above will have a link to this project.

5. Update coursework from Web Application Technologies course from uni

This is another one from university I’d like to get up and running once again.


6. Build an Interactive timeline of the Prophets biography

This is another one for my nieces and nephews (and kids) and will be more educational. This will be web-based with a timeline built using jQuery.

7. Edit my sister’s wedding film

My sister’s not very happy with how her wedding film turned out and has been bugging me to edit it for her (she’s still got the master copy). I’ll try and get this done one of these days.


The list of course does not include the daily prayer times gadget I already mentioned previously in a post.


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