Installing BartPE on a Partition

I took some time away from working on the prayer gadget to install BartPE on a partition last weekend.

This came about when I couldn’t find my Bart PE-based recovery CD which I use for Macrium Reflect (my preferred choice of backup & imaging software). I realised I gave it to a friend a while ago (I had recommended Macrium Reflect to him) and hadn’t got round to creating a new one to replace it.

My PC is now triple booted with BartPE, Windows 7 and XP on separate partitions each.

Although this post is not intended as a guide the following instructions (of sorts) should work if you have a similar set up as mine.

1.       Free up some space on the hard drive to create a new partition
2.       Build BartPE with Macrium Reflect plugin
3.       Install BartPE onto the new partition
4.       Installed and use EasyBCD in Windows 7 to add boot entry for BartPE

For the first two steps use something like Partiton Wizard Home Edition to free up about 1GB of hard disk space, formatting it as NTFS and making sure its a primary partition. To build BartPE here’ a very good guide from Macrium Reflect for reference.

For the third step I used a command line utility that comes with BartPE called PEinst.cmd.

Here’s some instructions on using PEinst.cmd

  • Load peinst (default location is ‘C:\pebuilder3110a\plugin\peinst’
  • Option 1 to change path to BartPE source files (default c:\pebuilder3110a\BartPE)
  • Option 1 to change target path (new partition on hard drive)
  • Option 5 to install BartPE to target destination (e.g. D:\)
  • Next choose Option 1

The fourth and final step includes adding a boot entry for BartPE using EasyBCD. Make sure EasyBCD is installed in Windows 7 (not XP).

Load EasyBCD and click on Add/Remove Entries. In the NeoGrub tab click on Install NeoGrub. Click on the Configure button and a Menu.lst file will load in Notepad to add boot entries. Here’s what my entry looked like:

timeout 5
default 0
title Load BartPE Recovery
find --set-root /minint/setupldr.bin
chainloader /minint/setupldr.bin

Copy and paste the above lines into the Menu.lst file in notepad (change the timeout value to your liking if needed), save and close notepad. Then click on Edit Boot Menu in NeoGrub and you should see NeoGrub Bootloader as a separate entry. Rename this to something like “BartPE Recovery”.

Restart your computer and you should be all set with BartPE installed as a separate bootable option.

Source: adapted from


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