“Help desk is more than a bit of technology that helps your internal process; it is your face to your customers”

You could have an enviable track record of happy customers but it only takes one bad experience for a negative impression to stick. I want any team that I’m part of to have a positive image in the eyes of our customers and the above statement, taken from an article on TechRepublic, reinforces my belief precisely. In fact, I have a similar statement in a job application I made recently. I’m part of a team of mixed characters in my current job (1st and 2nd line support) and while I can’t take responsibility for the whole team I do happen to believe in the saying “if you want to change the world start with yourself “.

I don’t want to go on about how good I am with customers (which I am) but I do make it a point to make sure I have a happy customer at the end of every support query or incident that I’m involved with. As I write this piece I’m reminded of a memory from my early teens when my father taught me “for every job you do, make sure you do it well, even if you can’t finish it in one sitting” – that was when working on a DIY project. That piece of advice has stuck over the years and I want to end this post by briefly extending on that – you can always come back to a job that you started off right and took your time doing it well and finish it well. A rushed job will always look like a rushed job.


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