Windows 8 and I

I read about how Google can potentially use Motorola’s Webtop software to come up with an Android-based phone-PC convergence solution. I like that idea but I think Microsoft could do the same with Windows 8 tablets. It was when I was trialling the Consumer Preview that I realised that Windows 8 would only make sense when using it on a tablet computer with a dock.

I find navigating the Windows tiles with a mouse and keyboard just doesn’t work for me. With a dock however, you could switch between using the tablet on the go (note-taking, games, browsing the net, etc) and using the dock with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse for a more ‘desktop’ experience. What Android tablets (with their Webtop software) and iPad tablets (with third party bluetooth keyboard docks) don’t have is exactly that – the Windows desktop.

The drawback to that approach however is that Windows on ARM (WOA) tablets will only run apps from the Windows Store. I want to be able to download and trial any software from the internet as I like and I don’t like being restricted to the Windows Store.  That’s where tablets with x86 processors comes in mind but the problem with that is I want my tablet to be slick and fast and not have to worry about sluggish performance as is inevitable, I think, after a certain point (going by previous Microsoft OS’s). It’s a bit of a catch 22 situation for me.

For now I’m just waiting for Windows 8 to officially release and curiously awaiting to see how it will be received by both consumers and organisations. I can definitely see the appeal in Windows 8 tablets but regardless of whether I buy a one or not I think I’ll probably stick with Windows 7 on my desktop computer.


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