New Category: Apps in Focus

I come across many software, tools and utilities or even Apps for my phone every now and then when looking for a specific solution – but I always forget about it after using it, especially if it’s a one-off use.

Apps In Focus, that’s the name of a new category for my blog – the idea is to write about these apps, expanding on how it came in use to me and file the posts under this category. I might provide links to external reviews or even a short review of my own, I’m not sure yet. I hope this will, over time, turn into a repository of links to useful software, tools and apps that I’ve come across during my IT support endeavors (for reference and easy access should I need it again).

I initially wanted to write about these apps as I come across them but I’ve got a few listed for some time now which I’ve found really useful in the past. Some of these are more than a one-off solution and I do want to write about them. I’ll write about these as and when time allows as I’ve got quite a few other posts on the cards.


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