A Change On The Horizon

The past few months has seen a fair amount of tension build up at work with rumours of re-organisation flying left, right and centre – and what’s been adding further strain is management’s refusal to  reveal any details re the changes (citing reasons of being restricted by HR and the Vce Chancellors group). 

Rumors almost always turn out to be true at my work place, barring a few details of course. The new structure only has six posts for my job as opposed to nine (as it is currently), which means three posts are being made redundant. So, between applying for my own job (with the risk of being ‘slotted’ into a Library Assistant post if unsuccessful) and applying for Voluntary Severance there was only one choice for me.

It’s time for something new, something better to look forward to – fresh challenges, learning opportunities and career progression to name a few.  Things may not be great on the outside but I don’t think its impossible to get a job – I’m  confident of my abilities as a support professional to be able to hope for something better.

So my plan for the near future… actually, I think I’ll leave that for another time.


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