The End of an Era

It’s my last day at work today and I’m writing this post just before I leave my desk. I’ve spent five years here and, quite understandably, I’m feeling somewhat emotional. I’ve had some great feedback and advice from management and colleagues – the same people I could always rely on for good advice.

You may wonder why I’m leaving but I don’t want to get into that side now. I’m leaving on a positive note and thinking of some good memories and experiences I’ve had over the years.

I sent an email to the whole department first thing this morning which I am reproducing here for my memory:

“After working here for five years my time here has finally come to an end today.

There are a few people I want to thank before I leave. First and foremost I would like to thank my colleagues Shaun, Nadeem, Simon and also ex-colleagues who have left us (Wendy, Collins and Maz) who have made working here that much more enjoyable. I’ll definitely miss the banter at the Service Desk. A special mention to Tony Britton for all your help over the last couple of years – I personally have a lot to thank you for.

When I first started I learnt quite a bit from a number of colleagues who were very forthcoming with offering their help, advice and guidance. With that in mind I would like to thank Nadeem, Sylvia, Chris, Bill Sawyer, Martin Simons, Cherie and Richard Todd – thank you for your advice and help over the years. Last but not least I would like to thank both Rick and Cherie for a personal matter a few years ago.

On a parting note I would like to wish everyone a very happy life, both in your personal and professional lives. Please help yourselves to some chocolates I’ve got here at the Service Desk if anyone’s interested.

I wish you all the best.”

I meant every word in that email and I got some very nice comments in reply. There was a small ‘leaving do’ and a speech (which I’ve just come from) and I got a leaving card including a £30 Amazon voucher – I must say I’m very touched by all this. (I wish there was an emoticon that could rightly express my emotions here)

There’s a lot more I could write but I don’t want to drag on – I guess this really is goodbye.

card from work


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