Setting up my Broadband and Wireless

My router packed up a couple of days ago and I was lucky to be able to replace it with a spare from my sister’s house (she changed her broadband provider recently). I say spare but it was actually in my sister’s recycling bin before I got wind of it.

I read how replacing a Sky router with one of your own breaks their T&C’s and that ADSL passwords are hardcoded into the firmware of all broadband routers from Sky. So I wasn’t expecting it to work just like that without any work from my part – all I had to do was plug it in.

Once I found the router to be working I went about securing my wireless network while taking up the opportunity to make some changes as opposed to the previous router.

A quick breakdown of what I done:

  • Changed the default password to access the Router Administration Panel
  • Changed the default SSID
  • Chose a complex network key (WPA-PSK)
  • Disabled SSID from being broadcasted
  • Changed the default IP addressing scheme
  • Restrict wireless access by MAC address

Setting up an access list for “approved” wireless devices took quite a while and I’m not even finished yet. There’s just too many users (brothers and sisters and cousins) with smartphones, laptops and netbooks who use our wireless when they’re around that I’m going to have to get their devices connected as they come round.

There’s something I should’ve been doing all along but this time round I’m maintaining a list of all the wireless devices, taking note of the owner, type of device, MAC address and hostname/device name, etc. This should come handy if I ever have to change my router again or if I quickly want to identify/look up a devices owner at any given time (the router doesn’t always pick up the hostname/device name correctly).



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