Introducing the HP MicroServer N40L

I’ve just taken delivery of the MicroServer which I bought from eBuyer a few days ago. It was £220 upfront but HP is offering a £100 cash back – great value for £120.

It’s a 1.5GHz AMD dual core processor with 2GB RAM and 250GB hard disk. I’m going to boost the RAM to 8GB along with a 1TB hard drive which I’m expecting to arrive in a couple of days.

The maximum RAM the server supports is allegedly 8GB but some people have managed to get 16GB memory (2x 8GB) working on this. Though its definitely a hit and miss with the RAM, the 8GB RAM that I ordered is one of those sticks that people have reportedly paired to get 16GB working on this server. This keeps my options open if I want to try my hand at boosting the RAM to 16GB myself. For now I’m sticking with 8GB – let’s see how this works out for what I want to do.

Speaking of which, the intention is to learn about virtualization, specifically running virtual machines in VMware vSphere 5. Right now I’m thinking of running Windows Server 2008 R2 and migrating my physical Ubuntu box, which runs my FOG server, to vSphere 5. I’ve already downloaded vSphere 5 along with VMware Converter Standalone which I’ll need for the P2V migration.

I’ll come up with a post on upgrading the server once the RAM and hard drive is here.


UPDATE: Just got an email from HP accepting my cash back claim. The cheque should arrive within 45 days.


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