Upgrading the HP MicroServer

I’ve just finished upgrading the server with 8GB RAM and a 1TB hard drive and I’ve taken plenty of photos for step by step instructions on how to go about upgrading it.

Unlocking the door on the front of the machine reveals the inside where there’s four hard drive caddies in a cage and the motherboard tray screwed onto the base with a couple of hex screws. There’s a small allen key mounted on the door on the inside – this is shown below marked with an arrow.


First stop is the hard disk, which is mounted on the first caddy from the left. Press down where shown on the picture below and lift and pull the lever to release the hard drive.


You will need to use the allen key to unscrew the hard drive to release it from the caddy and fix your own hard drive onto it. Once that’s done keep it aside and remove the remaining three empty caddies from the cage to give us some room to get to the motherboard.


Use the allen key to unscrew the blue screws shown below.


Unplug all the various connectors on the motherboard.


There are a couple of connectors you can’t easily access. Unplug the ones you can and then gently pull the motherboard tray a little to access them more comfortable. The P1 connector took some force to release.


Gently pull out the motherboard tray. once all the connectors are unplugged. It shouldn’t require any force, If it does then double check all the connectors are unplugged and that there are no cables blocking it.


To replace the RAM simply release the white levers on either side and pull out the memory stick. To install memory simply align the teeth gap in the slot before pressing down on the memory stick which will click the levers on the left and right side in place to secure it in place.


When everything’s done slide the motherboard tray back in its place, plug in all the connectors and replace the hard drive caddies back in their place.

With the hardware sorted the next step is installing VMware vSphere 5 onto a USB drive – there’s a USB port on the motherboard to run the hypervisor from a USB drive.



4 thoughts on “Upgrading the HP MicroServer

  1. I’m assuming the cables are getting in the way? The right screw can be especially difficult…

    Try tightening the screw before tucking the cables in the cable tidy on the right hand side, that way you have just a bit room to work the screw.

    Let me know how you get on…

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