Installing VMware vSphere 5.0 – Part 2

In this follow up to Part 1 I will take a look at configuring the network settings on the vSphere host.

Once you’re through with these instructions there’s no need to have it connected to a monitor or keyboard as you can use the VMware vSphere Client to administer the host remotely.

Turn on your host and wait for the hypervisor to load. How long this takes will depend on your hardware. (It takes a couple of minutes on my HP MicroServer N40L with only a dual core CPU.)


Press F2 on your keyboard to get to the configuration pages of the host


Type in the root password you created at the time of installing the hypervisor


Go into Configure Network Management


Go into Network Adapters


Make sure your network card is selected. Hit Space on your keyboard to make your selection.


Go into IP Configuration to set a static IP address for your host.


Select Set static IP address and network configuration and enter an IP address, Subnet Mask and the Default Gateway.

Note: I set the default gateway to my broadband router as I’m using my ESXi host for learning purposes in a makeshift lab at home.


Go into DNS Configuration


Select Use the following DNS server addresses and hostname and type in a DNS Server address. Leave the default Hostname (localhost).

Note: Once again I set the DNS server to point to my broadband router.

As an added step you might want to test the network connectivity for your peace of mind:


Hit the Esc key on your keyboard to return to previous screens. Select Test Management Network


Type in the IP address to Ping for testing purposes and hit enter. (I chose to ping the computer on which I will be installing the vSphere Client.)

That’s it really. You can now unplug the host from the monitor and keyboard and start using the vSphere Client from here on. Note that you will need to make a note of the IP address you gave your host along with the password to the root user to be able to connect to the host using the vSphere Client.


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