Mouse Without Borders

Having upgraded to Windows 8 recently I found InputDirector, a software KVM solution, doesn’t work as well on the new OS – the cursor disappears from view when moving it into the second monitor. I’ve been really happy with it on Windows 7 until I upgraded.

In my search for an alternative software KVM solution which is compatible with Windows 8 I came across Mouse Without Borders from Microsoft which, unlike some of the other products I’ve come across, is really easy to set up.

Start off with the ‘server’ pc –the computer which has the keyboard and mouse connected directly. Once installed, simply launch the software and click NO on the ‘Let’s get started’ screen.


This will give you a Security Code and the Computer Name of the ‘server’ computer which you will need later on.


Next, head over to the client computer – that’s the computer which will have no keyboard or mouse connected directly. Instead it will be sharing the keyboard or mouse with the ‘server’ computer. (Of course, you will need to connect a keyboard and mouse to this ‘client’ computer to initially set up Mouse Without Borders the first time.)

Launch Mouse Without Borders on the ‘client’ computer and click on YES on the ‘Let’s get started’ screen and enter the Security Code and Computer Name from the ‘server’ computer.


The ‘client’ computer should be able to communicate with the ‘server’ computer and establish the link between the two to start sharing the keyboard and mouse.

Finally, click on NEXT to configure the physical layout of the two computers.


Here, you can drag the computer thumbnails to indicate the layout of the two physical monitors.


With that done, you can unplug the temporary keyboard and mouse form your client computer and use the ‘server’ computer’s keyboard and mouse. Move the cursor out of one edge of the monitor and watch it slide into view in the monitor next to it.

UPDATE: I can confirm this also works with Windows 8.1 RTM.

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