Update 2: MDT 2010 and Windows Server 2008 R2

As promised here’s an update on what I’ve been getting up to with MDT 2010, starting from the basic first:

  • Deploy Windows 7 DVD image to client PC’s
  • Create Task Sequence to capture reference image
  • Hide the Deployment Wizard panes using customsettings.ini
  • Import drivers into MDT 2010, organising into a directory structure based on manufacturer and model
  • Deploy reference image, injecting drivers based on PC model
  • Set a default profile for users by copying the Administrator profile on the unattend.xml file associated with the deploy task sequence

I wasn’t content with deploying Windows 7 to standalone PC’s so I  decided to take this a step further. With an Active Directory domain already set up beforehand, I delved into deploying Windows 7 in a domain environment:

  • Retaining the same hostname on client machines as set in Active Directory during deployment (by creating a MDT database in SQL Server 2008)
  • Joining client PC’s to the domain as part of the deployment process and making sure they stay in the same OU
  • Allowing a group of Active Directory admin users to undertake deployment duties. This was done by making the users a member of a security group I called “DeploymentAdmins” and giving the group security permissions to the deployment share. This allows the group members to authenticate themselves in the Deployment Wizard login.

It’s been great fun working with MDT 2010 and especially exploring some of the advanced deployment scenarios using the MDT database. I’ve been updating some documentation on the work I’ve been doing with the intention to adapt them into blog posts some time in the future. I will be coming up with these soon but, unlike my previous how to posts, they won’t be step by step instructions. I find writing these instructions take up too much of my time so I’ll take a different approach with the new posts from here on.

I would now like to spend some time with Active Directory. Actually, I’ve already started working on designing and implementing my domain. I’ll elaborate more in a new blog post soon.


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