Creating A MDT Database

This is a quick follow up to my last post where I produced instructions on how to install and configure SQL Server 2008 Express for the purpose of using the SQL server to create a MDT database.

Creating a MDT database is really simple as you will see in the instructions below which can be used with MDT 2010 and 2012.

Here’s the instructions:

open deployment workbench

Open the Deployment Workbench and expand your Deployment Share

Expand Advanced Configuration, right click on Database and select New Database

enter sql server details

Enter the hostname of the server where you installed SQL Server 2008 Express

Enter SQLEXPRESS as the Instance

Choose Named Pipes under network Library

give the database a name

Give your MDT database a name

enter sql share name

For the SQL Share enter the name of your Deployment  Share (default is DeploymentShare$)

summary screen

Review the summary and click on Next

operation completed successfully

Click Finish. As simple as that.

database page in deployment workbench

This is what the Database page should look like under Advanced Configuration

In my next post I’ll talk about how the MDT database is used in my deployment environment.


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