Installing SQL Server 2008 Express Edition (For MDT)

The instructions here are specifically intended to be used with MDT 2010 or 2012 on a Windows Server 2008 R2 server. As in the past they are step by step visual instructions which I thought best to deliver as a PowerPoint presentation.

In a working environment you will typically have a group of IT support staff who are members of an Active Directory group which in turn has been given access to the Deployment Share to allow the members of the group to carry out deployment duties (by authenticating themselves when initiating the Deployment Wizard).

If this applies to your situation I’d like to draw your attention to Slide 13 in the PowerPoint presentation. This is the point where you’ll need to add the Active Directory group object to the list of SQL Server administrators. As an example, the screenshot below shows an AD security group called DeploymentAdmins added to the list of SQL Server administrators in my Lab.


Without giving the group administrator access to the SQL Server you will find none of the MDT database settings will be applied at deploy time if the deployment (or Task Sequence) was initiated by a user who is a member of the DeploymentAdmins group.


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