App In Focus: MoveOnBoot

I was doing some housekeeping on a users (very old) Windows XP machine today and hit a snag when I couldn’t delete a user’s profile folder from the machine – Windows was complaining that NTUSER was being used by another person or program.


That’s when I came across this neat little software called MoveOnBoot.

MoveOnBoot is designed for exactly the kind of situation I was in. As the name suggests, it can move (or delete) files and folders (that are locked by the OS) to a location of your choice when the PC is rebooted.


The review over at CNET suggests that dragging multiple files/folders into the application should prompt me to choose an action (delete or move) but that didn’t work for me. Dragging anything into the application simply presents me with a dialog to choose the destination to move them to.

That, however, was good enough as I chose to move the profile folders to my desktop and found they were successfully moved after a quick reboot. I then had no problems deleting them from the desktop.

I’m sure this must be a bug in the software and it would’ve been nice to be able to choose my preferred action to make things smoother. But I got my job done in the end, so I’m not complaining (much) :)

PS. In case you’re wondering, the user is due an upgrade as her computer is out of warranty but I thought of doing some housekeeping and tweaking a few things to help the PC’s performance while she waits for a new PC to be ordered and installed.


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