Windows 10 “Creators Update”

As a true fan of Windows 10 and an avid Windows Insider watching the Windows 10 Event was super exciting for me – as an enthusiast I hugely enjoy watching new technology and hardware being unveiled live. Microsoft announced some great things in the event but my focus was all on the Windows 10 Creators Update and I definitely liked what I saw was coming. You can watch the event on demand right here.

Watch the video below titled “Introducing the Windows 10 Creators Update” and keep a close watch for some of the features coming in the update, due in early 2017:

Here’s a look at some of my favourite among the many features coming in the Windows 10 Creators Update.

Paint 3D

We’ve been wondering all these years what Paint is STILL doing in Windows but now Microsoft decided to rewrite the app from the ground app. I first heard of this form Paul Thurrott on his website, but the video above shows what an awesome job Microsoft has done with Paint 3D.

Microsoft has made this as simple as taking a photograph, take a look at this GIF from the event below:


You can see an actual sand castle is being scanned using a smart phone which is then instantly converted into a full 3D model. 


And moments later the 3D castle is ready to be used in Paint 3D. How cool is that?! What’s more, by the looks of it in a video titled “Paint 3D: Bring your ideas to life in 3D” working with the 3D objects once in Paint looks so natural. Excellent!

Update: the Paint 3D Preview app is now available on the Microsoft Store for Windows Insiders!

Also, Microsoft is hard at work with creating a community of “creators” for the 3D capabilities within Windows and have launched the Remix 3D website to spearhead that effort.

3D capabilities are also coming in Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

3D in Office

MyPeople Bar


The MyPeople Bar feature makes your contacts available right on your taskbar which makes it easier to share content. The idea is that you can simply drag a document from your desktop straight into the taskbar to share the said item with the contact.

An interesting idea, yes, but personally I’m not sure I like the look of people’s faces staring at me from the taskbar. I would prefer to have that hidden or at least really faded – maybe the faces can come into focus as soon as the dragged content hits the taskbar area? That way it won’t be so in your face.

I had previously heard of Microsoft integrating its consumer targeted services such as Skype, Outlook, Xbox with Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities but now we get a glimpse at the bigger picture here – the gif above shows the MyPeople bar has Xbox, Outlook and Skype accounts integrated so you have all your accounts in one location to make sharing easier.

Virtual Reality

The new VR headsets from Microsoft looks very interesting to me. The price in the UK is not available yet at the time of writing, but judging by the $300 price in the US, it should be accessible to a lot more people than the HoloLens. What I really like about this is that you don’t need any special hardware or top-of-the-range PC to enjoy the VR experiences – all you need is the Windows 10 Creators Update on your PC and the headset. Also You can pair the VR capabilities in the headset with special apps from the Microsoft Store to enjoy immersive virtual reality experiences.

The HoloTour app is a perfect example of this which you can use to “Explore the beauty of Rome or the secrets of Machu Picchu as you move naturally and interact with tour elements, no wires needed.”

I’m interested in architecture (specifically architecture in Asia with a historical background to it) and cannot wait to give HoloTour a spin.

Other improvements coming in the Creators Update:

Action Center Improvements

Action center

This is something that I was wondering out aloud with a friend – why can’t we adjust brightness settings form the Action Center like we can on all modern operating systems? Well, now we can.

Beam integrated into Windows 10

Microsoft acquired Beam back in August and the immensely popular game streaming service which is being baked right into the upcoming Windows 10 Creator Update.

Grove Music Maker

I’m not much of a music maker myself but I know my twins will love this.

Windows Defender

Nothing major but the Windows Defender is being integrated into the Settings app. Personally I think the sooner Microsoft fully integrates Control Panel into Settings the better.

Windows Insiders have been promised a sneek peak at the Creators Update over the coming months – can’t wait!

Update: The Paint 3D Preview app is already on the Microsoft Store.


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