Windows 365 Research

I’ve missed the boat on signing up for a free trial of Windows 365. Microsoft says they have seen significant demand for Windows 365 and have had to pause the free trial program until they can provision additional capacity.  That’s probably a good thing as my focus is entirely on learning and implementing Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD).


I signed up to receive notification when trials resume and have also been saving links to reading and research materials from various sources, primarily from Twitter, which has an awesome technical community.

As always, my approach to learning a new technology is to research and read as much as I can on the technology to try and learn from the experience of community members to prepare myself in advance and only then do I start hands-on experimenting in labs and/or trials.

Since AVD will be taking up a lot of my time in the coming weeks I don’t foresee having the capacity to look into Windows 365 much. So for the time being I wanted to collate all the reading materials here in this post for easy access as and when I’m ready to do dive into the subject.

Choosing Between Windows 365 & Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) | Nerdio (

Windows 365 Plans and Pricing | Microsoft

How to configure Windows 365 Enterprise in Microsoft Endpoint Manager (

Windows 365 planning guide | Microsoft Docs

Get started with Windows 365 Enterprise – Microsoft Tech Community

Step by step: How to deploy a Cloud PC with Windows 365 | 4sysops

Windows 365, your Cloud PC. What it is, how it works, and how to… | by Mechanics Team | Jul, 2021 | Medium

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Create A Filter Rule For Windows 365 Cloud PCs Using Intune HTMD Blog (

Troubleshoot Windows 365 Business Cloud PC setup issues – Microsoft 365 admin | Microsoft Docs

Troubleshooting hybrid Azure AD errors during Windows 365 Cloud PC provisioning – Microsoft Tech Community

ConfigMgrDogs on Twitter: “For those trying out #Windows365 for Business, you need to sign-in to for cloud PC provisioning to complete. Signing up is not enough – login to kick off the provisioning!”

I will update this post with more links that I find interesting and worth reading.