Migrating from Android to Windows Phone 8

I’ve been curious about Windows Phone 8 for some time now and contemplated writing a couple of posts on the matter but I never really got round to it. I used four Android smartphones before I finally decided to give Windows Phone 8 a try a couple of months ago. Frankly, I was getting a little bored of Android and wanted to try out something different as an experiment.

I decided to go for the Nokia Lumia 520 which was available for just £79.99 without a contract from Carphone Warehouse. Naturally I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on an experiment but still wanted a device which would give me a good experience of the Windows Phone 8 platform. To that end, the Nokia Lumia 520 seemed a good fit.

This post is about my experience with Windows Phone 8 over the last three months, particularly the apps I’ve come to use on the new platform compared to Android. We keep hearing about the lack of apps on the Windows Phone platform and sure enough I have had to make some compromises here and there as you will come to read below.

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