Preparing and Sysprep’ing the Reference Computer

This is a follow up to my earlier post which outlined the procedure to build an unattend.xml answer file to automate the Windows 7 installation process in a deployment scenario.

In this post I will, in a nutshell, install Windows 7, boot into audit mode, customize the installation and prepare the system for duplication using Sysprep using the answer file I built in the previous post. The result will be a Hybrid image ready to capture and deploy to target computers.  Continue reading


Experiments with Sysprep

With the Technician Computer at hand I’ve recently been familiarising myself with the Windows SIM tool and actually building the unattend.xml answer file – I must say I find it very exciting and am really getting stuck in!

I kept it simple to start off with – to completely automate the installation while generating a random computer name, enabling the built-in admin account and customizing the default user profile. With the groundwork done beforehand my first answer file, I can say with some satisfaction, worked without a hitch!  Continue reading