Building a GUI for Windows PE

I wasn’t exactly planning to get into this but I got carried away with my research a little and ended up working on this on and off for a while now. I’ve come to realise that this is quite a big project on its own and will potentially keep me away from working with MDT 2010 for some time.

So I’m stalling this project for now and publishing my notes on my research in this post. The point is to preserve my research, notes and the little work that I’ve done so that I can pick up from where I left off if I want to come back to it any time in the future. Also anyone who’s trying to get started with doing something similar to this may find having these notes useful. Continue reading


Creating a Windows PE USB Drive with ImageX

Having familiarised myself with building answer files and sysprep’ing reference machines I’ve recently been experimenting with WinPE, ImageX and DISM to acquaint myself with these tools as well.

My approach to exploring my interest in Windows Deployment has always been to learn from the ground up, hence I wanted to familiarise myself with these WAIK tools to begin with. Before I move on to MDT 2010 I want to write a couple of ‘how to’ posts on creating a Windown PE disk, capturing and applying an image using imagex and my experiments with these tools in general.

In this post I will provide instructions on creating a bootable WinPE USB drive, with ImageX “integrated” into the Windows PE environment. Continue reading