To Do List – Part 2 (Technical/IT Support)

Following on from my previous Web development-related to do list here’s the second list of stuff I want to get done.

1. Experiment with WinPE and ImageX

This is purely for learning purposes. I use Macrium Reflect (free edition) to image hard drives and am very happy with it.

I would just like to learn how to use WinPE and ImageX to create and deploy custom Windows images. Ultimately it would be great if I could build a GUI for it.

2. Install Mac OS X on a PC

When I first started my current job almost 4 years ago I was completely new to Macs. Within a year I saw a surge in the number of Macbook wielding students and decided to get myself acquainted with OS X. After trying and failing to get any training at work I bought myself an iMac G4 with Tiger installed to play around with. Recently I gave it away to my brother and am looking at possibly installing Leopard or Snow Leopard on a PC for use at home.

3. Run a Apache web server on Linux with PHP & MySQL

Although this one’s related to Web development I omitted it from the previous list as this is more technical (for want of a better word).

I recall how useful having a local web server was when I installed Apache, PHY & MySQL on Windows XP back in uni. Since I’m getting into Web Development once again I’d like to get my own development server up and running but this time in Linux. Why Linux? Simply because I haven’t done this before and want to learn a few things about running and maintaining my own Web server in Linux, learning a few tips and tricks along the way too.

4. Build my own PC again

I need a spare PC (for the above and more) to play around, experiment and learn new technologies. I already have 2GB RAM and a couple of Sata hard drives sitting at home and am looking at possibly building my own PC again –it’s been quite a while since I’ve built one and should be fun.


To Do List – Part 1 (Web/Multimedia Development)

As promised in one of my previous posts here’s a to-do list I’m thinking about getting done. I simply have too many things on my mind hence I’ve split the list into two parts – one’s related to Web and multimedia development and the other more on the technical/IT support side which will be coming up in a separate post. Continue reading