Improving Communication In The Workplace

Wikis and blogs are the first to come to mind when I think about using Web 2.0 tools to improving the flow of information at my workplace, specifically the IT Services department.

With its ability to easily create and edit web pages and allowing group interaction and collaboration, a Wiki would be ideal to build a knowledge base for an IT department. I’m sure everyone in the department from first line support and everyone above will have contributions to make which could include quick fixes and workarounds, troubleshooting instructions, guides, build revisions and improvements, etc. Technicians and Helpdesk staff, for example, could collaboratively work on a set of troubleshooting steps to go through before escalating jobs to second line. Over time the wiki will grow into a vast pool of information for support staff to refer to, whatever their level. The first line weekend support staff would especially find this handy to refer to with no colleagues around to ask for help when presented with a query or incident not encountered before.

With a lot of uncertainty surrounding the IT Services department and many not aware of the direction its heading towards, maintaining a blog would help keep everyone informed of new developments, with contributions from upper management and the director himself where possible. Some may see a blog as high maintenance but they’d only need to post when there’s some news to share. Of course, we have the use of email for internal communication but with a blog all management and strategic news and developments would be centrally organized in one place to make for easier reading and reference.

As for YouTube I feel the university as a whole could benefit from a branded channel to promote the university, employing good PR management to project the right image to potential students (and staff too).


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