Anti-Virus Uninstallers and Removal Tools

I had a member of staff come in today with no less than three different anti-virus software on his laptop. Fortunately, though, he had only paid for Kaspersky Pure (the others were AVG and Avast). My approach in these situations is to educate my users,  I therefore ended up spending quite a bit of time with him explaining stuff like phishing scams, email attachments, virus signatures and updating the virus databases, etc.

I got hold of the uninstallers and removal tools for AVG and Avast! from the Internet and walked the user through using them to get rid of these AV software. I had a happy customer in the end but I felt logging the incident on our call logging software (ITSM) doesn’t quite do justice to my efforts. This inspired me to write a quick post with links to uninstallers and removal tools for common Anti-Virus software:


Kaspersky Products







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