Azure Virtual Network, VPN and Azure Virtual Desktop Setup

I recently had to completely rebuild my home lab and this time decided to extend it into Azure as well. I wanted to take a moment to document what my lab in Azure currently looks like.

It’s not an extensive setup, with only a virtual network and a site-to-site VPN connection with my home lab and also the Azure Virtual Desktop side of things too. I’ve built, tore down and rebuilt the AVD host pools several times and will continue to do so.

Since all my resources in Azure are currently in one Resource Group the ‘Resource visualizer’ is perfect for this:


Of course, this doesn’t show my Intune and AutoPilot policies and profiles which I will document separately.

My lab at home is a super simple setup with a AD DC which has DNS, DHCP, RRAS and CA, a ConfigMgr/SCCM primary site. I also have a separate RRAS server with OpenVPN Cloud connector to simulate WAN/off-site access which is primarily used to test AutoPilot with AAD Join and domain access using WHfB.


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